Better Life Testimonials

We must admit, we are quite spoiled by our incredible customers. We are very passionate about spreading the word about Better Life and providing products to people across the world that are free of toxins and chemicals. When customers email us their stories of how Better Life cleaning products are improving their lives, we feel the need to share these stories. Thanks for sharing!

"Admittedly, I am not 'green' conscience. Not that I'm against it! But, I am always in search of a good cleaning product. After seeing Better Life on Shark Tank I knew I had to try it. Results? I love it!

"I live in an apartment townhouse in Columbus Ohio. I could never find a product that could really clean the bathtub. Then I tried Even The Kitchen Sink. It's the best cleaner I have found! The best part is, I'm not afraid to put my 2 year old daughter in her bath right after cleaning the tub!

"I've also tried the Oak-y Dokey and really like that as well. Recently, I was cleaning the kitchen table. I left the cleaner on the table as I was wiping down the kitchen counters with whatEVER. My 2 year old climbed on to the kitchen chair and, I'm embarrassed to say, must have grabbed the Oak-y Dokey and sprayed it in her eyes. When I looked over, I noticed the nozzle pointing toward her face and she was rubbing her eyes. I rinsed her eyes the best I could with water. She never cried! Her eyes were red for a little while, but were perfectly fine after that.

"I wasn't necessarily looking for a 'green' product that would be safe for the environment and my children. I simply wanted a good cleaner. With Better Life I was able to have it all!"

-- Jennifer F.

"I have a few of your company's products in my cleaning cabinet, but I just had to reach out regarding my most recent purchase of the stain and odor eliminator. I have made a lot of changes the past few months to my diet and lifestyle in general, including choosing more natural, safer-for-me and safer-for-the-planet goods, so your line of products fits right in with my goals.

"This week, I bought the stain and odor eliminator with the hope that it would fix a couple of long standing problems.

"My husband and I have a wonderful beige accent chair in the living room. I don't know when I discovered it, but it's had a little dark stain in a very obvious place (for at least a year). I sprayed the spot with some of your product and walked away for a few minutes, then came back and wiped the area with a wet rag. The stain disappeared!

"We also had a red floor cushion that had had a large water mark on one side since two Christmases ago. I have no idea what it could have been caused by, but it reminded me of old sweat stains on t-shirts. I had tried cleaning it several times before, but to no avail; once the pillow surface would dry, the stain would be right there again, almost as if to mock me. Anyway, I did the same thing with your spray that I had done with the chair, and once the surface had dried, the stain had also been cleaned away! I searched and searched, almost in disbelief, but the pillow was free and clear of that old stain.

"I can't write enough about how happy I am to have found your line of products, not only for our own relief and safety, but for our cat's and guests, and future family. I love Better Life's story and motivation. Please keep it up! A very happy customer."

-- JoAnn O.
Caldwell, NJ

"HI guys! Ever since I saw you on Shark Tank I've been looking for your products. I couldn't find them at my Whole Foods (I live in San Diego), so I purchased online directly from you. I just received my Big Shark Kit the other day, and I can't begin to tell you how AMAZED I am with how great these products are!! I'm literally blown away. My wood floors were filthy, and nothing seemed to clean them without leaving them streaky and filmy. I used your Simply Floored cleaner on our wood floors and our tile floor in the bathroom and both look absolutely FABULOUS!! I've also used the Kitchen Sink cleaner on our grout, stainless steel, oven cooktop and our faucets and they shine like never before. The What-Ever spray is great too. Really, I'm totally on board with your products. I will never by 409 again! I literally threw out all my old cleaners!!

"Thank you for making these amazing, natural products. Being natural is just a bonus for me - what I really wanted was something that worked! I'm going to try some of your other products too. The one thing I won't try is spraying the What-Ever into my mouth!!

"Thanks guys!! I'm in love!!"

-- Juliet D.
San Diego, CA

"I raise all different types of birds and spend approximately two hours each day cleaning cages and taking care of them. Since birds are sensitive to smell, it's important to have a cleaner that is safe and odorless, but at the same time can get the job done, which is why I was excited to learn about Better Life. Your what-EVER! natural all-purpose cleaner is ideal for bird cages. I was pleased with how well it cleaned, how safe it was and at a very good price, too. I also use the Simply Floored! and love that it cleans so well and is safe for the birds."

-- Chris S.
Van Buren, IN

"Reptiles are sensitive to smells and touch. So, when I saw Better Life on Shark Tank, it immediately caught my interest. I now use Better Life products to clean all of our tanks and aquariums. I use the what-EVER! as both a spot cleaner in between cleans, as well as, when we do deep cleans without the worry it will be harmful to the reptiles. We need more products like Better Life that are safe for the reptiles during cleaning and that have any harmful effects afterwards."

-- Shane M.
Granbury, TX

"I wanted to tell you that wife bought me a new pair of shorts, and the color was light blue. I decided to wear them recently as my wife, JoAnn and I went to play 9 holes of golf one evening. In doing so, I have this terrible habit of propping my clubs up against me while I am waiting to hit my next shot and in doing so, the end of the rubber on the club leaves black marks on my shorts. I have tried everything to get this out in the past to no avail. Well, I marked up these brand new shorts and I was disappointed until I tried the Better Life Stain & Odor Eliminator. I sprayed the shorts and let them sit while the washer was filling up, before putting them in. I was pleasantly surprised that it took the stains right out of my new shorts."

-- Doug B.

"Just a note to thank you for making such a wonderful wood floor cleaner. We just had our wood floors redone - stripped and stained a deeper color. I wanted a cleaner that was safe, healthy, and did a beautiful job. You can see by the included picture that your cleaner meets all of my needs. Thank you so much!"

-- Elizabeth M.

"Hi there, My name is Kaila and I live in San Francisco with my husband and 80 pound boxer named Rocky. I’ve never written a letter to a company before, but I just had to for this occurrence. I’ll start by saying I ordered a couple of your products awhile back and have been using and loving them. Favorite on the list is the counter spray, but I’ll eventually get all our cleaners swapped out. But this isn’t why I wrote to you… Yesterday we left our condo for 20 mins for lunch. When we came back, Rocky had jumped onto the counter and taken 2 lb bag of flour and proceeded to bury in our brand new Restoration Hardware couch. Now flour isn’t all that harmful by itself, except he cut open his nose/mouth/gums while carrying the flour and trying to bury it. We have to assume he got flour in his nose and eyes and starting rubbing it all over the couch. We were left with a caked flour blood stained mess. Blood was everywhere. I had no idea where to start in cleaning this up, the blood was dried already because of the flour, and we didn’t have a lot of options except to spot clean the arms and back of the couch. Well, I grabbed the least potent chemical cleaner I could find, your stain/odor remover. Let me tell you this worked immediately on the blood like magic. Of course all our family got pictures of what rocky did and I followed up telling them whatever is in the magic cleaner did the trick. So I wanted to send off a thank you for saving our couch that was the price of a motorcycle. I would recommend this to anyone to save any furniture they have! Look forward to trying more of your products soon!"

-- Kaila and Rocky